Housing Market Report

What does this mean? The market continues to slow down from the previous months. On top of that our total market time increased while our inventory decreased. This is because there are fewer new listings plus sellers have started to pull their listings from the market. 

Is it still a good time to buy? If you’re the right buyer, yes! Prices are going down while interest rate remains the same. Sellers are getting anxious because their house is not selling over the weekend anymore. Plus talks about recessions have a lot of buyers pulling out of the market.

If you buy in this market this is what you’ll find:

  • Less competition
  • Stronger negotiation power
  • More time to shop

Camas North Shore Development

The North Shore area of Camas is an undeveloped 990 acres of land north of Lacamas Lake. In 2013, the city approved a 460 acres mixed-use development, the plan called for a mix of light industrial, commercial, and residential properties. 

In 2018, the city began a long term planning process to develop the area. The plan covers housing needs, jobs, schools, parks, and more. This development estimated that it will bring in 2,969 residential units and 1,400 new jobs. 

With a rapidly developing city, one of the major concerns is the preservation of our beautiful nature area, one of the biggest draws for new residents. In 2020, the city approved a vision statement and among its priorities are 

  • Protecting natural environment
  • Planning a network of green spaces
  • Creating a walkable community
  • Providing a variety of housing options, especially affordable housing
  • Maintaining a “small town feel”
  • And more

Demand for Offices and Warehouses soar

North Minnehaha will soon see a new office building and warehouse. The plan will include a 2 story 5,000 sq ft office building and a 12,600 sq ft warehouse.

2 Apartment Complexes coming to Vancouver

Kevenna Park neighborhood will be getting 12 apartment units at 4319 NE Morrow Rd. This development will be placed on a half acres parcel.

Fircrest neighborhood will be getting 26 townhome style apartments at 420NE 117th Ave. The units will be built as luxury townhomes with a modern farmhouse look

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