In times of trouble we need to rally and help our neighbors and no one is in more need right now than Maui. Here are several resources to help them directly. And here is a list of businesses that are fundraising or supporting Maui in their own way.

For any new clients between now and the end of October, I will be donating 10% of my commission to the MEO to help with housing assistance in Maui at closing.


Help Families Directly (GoFundMe)

Maui Humane Society

Maui Economic Opportunity Housing Assistance

Maui Food Bank

Hawaii Community Foundation

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

‘Aina Momona

Maui United Way

American Red Cross

Hawaii State Teach Associate


Ke Kukui Foundation Supply Donation Drive Note: now accepting gift cards only

Ke Kukui Foundation Money Donation

Ora Nui Dance Studio Supply Drop Off

Businesses doing fundraisers and donation sales:

Hawaiian Style Grill

Smokin’ Oak (supporting their family on Maui)

Parallel 45 Maui Benefit Class on Aug 18th

Barre3 Benefit Class TBD

Ice Cream Renaissance August ice cream sale

Bula Kava House at the Great River ARts Festival TBD

Kindred Homestead at the Great River ARts Festival TBD

Just for Fun Quilting Quilt Drive

A Tea Leaf Jewelry

ACE Hardware Battle Ground round up donation

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