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This six-petal flower is made with three rectangular units tied together with a piece of wire or pipe cleaner. It is informally known as the ”Pipe-cleaner Flower” and is easily folded and assembled. The flowers can be used for a bouquet or wreath or to decorate a package. Bring a vase or wreath frame if you are ambitious! Diagrams and paper are provided. Classes are drop in and informal.
Tips and suggestions for making the pipe-cleaner flower
• This six-petal origami flower is made with three rectangles of paper in the proportion 2:1, and a piece of wire.
• In the video, the flower is demonstrated using kami paper, a thin paper made especially for origami.
• All kinds of papers can be used to make this origami flower: recycled paper, regular office paper or fancier papers such as “Tant Paper” or onion skin paper would make good choices.
• The finished flower shows only one side of the paper, so it is not necessary to use paper with a different color on each side.
• To learn the model try using three rectangles of 6 × 3 inches (15 × 7.5cm)
• Cut in a half a square of paper to obtain two of the desired rectangles.
• Three squares, cut in half, result in six rectangles which is enough for two flowers.
• Pipe-cleaner, craft wire, or any other flexible wire is perfect to use for this flower.

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Jul 20 2023


4:30 pm

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Burnt Bridge Cellars
1500 Broadway St, Vancouver, WA 98663

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