Sound Bath in the Park

Join Sound Healer Jenne Sharpe in the Park as she lulls you into a deep relaxed state with her 7 crystal Singing Bowls.

Perfect for first timers! Sliding scale $15-$30.

What is a Crystal Sound Bath?

A Crystal Sound Bath is a deeply immersive and therapeutic experience that combines the melodic tones of crystal singing bowls with the ancient practice of sound healing. During the session, you will be invited to relax, close your eyes, and allow the soothing frequencies to wash over you, creating a state of deep relaxation, harmony, and healing.

The Power of Crystal Singing Bowls:

Crystal singing bowls are crafted from pure quartz crystal, each producing a unique tone that resonates with different energy centers in your body. As the bowls are played, their mesmerizing vibrations interact with your energy field, gently shifting and balancing your frequencies, promoting a sense of well-being and deep healing.

The Influence of Brainwaves:

During a Crystal Sound Bath, the vibrational frequencies emitted by the crystal singing bowls can have a profound effect on your brainwaves. The tones help to induce a meditative state, slowing down the brainwave activity from the waking state (beta) to a more relaxed and receptive state, such as alpha or theta. This altered state of consciousness allows for deeper relaxation, increased creativity, and a heightened sense of inner awareness.

The event is finished.


Aug 30 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm




ORCHARDS COMMUNITY PARK 9800 Northeast 54th Street Vancouver, WA 98662

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