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Cascade Highland & Fisher's Landing

Cascade Highland and Fisher’s Landing (and the surrounding neighborhoods) are the most convenient neighborhoods in Vancouver. Exactly 15 minutes away from Downtown Vancouver, Downtown Camas, and Portland airport. Easy access to the best food and shopping on 192nd, 164th, and Mill Plain.

Neighborhood Gems

Philly Bilmos is the go to cheesesteak sandwich shop. They use Amoroso Bread straight from Philadelphia and high quality meats and cheese.

Pizzeria La Sorrentina is where you should go if you’re craving a little piece of Naples, Italy. Their Neapolitan pizza is the real deal and the calamari is perfection.

How Much Does this Neighborhood Cost?

Average Price of

Single Residence Homes


Median Price of

Single Residence Homes


Average Price

Per Square Foot



Days On Market

7 Days

Data was pulled from RMLS to include only single residence homes and exclude outliers. Last updated on 5/15/2022.

Pros & Cons

The neighborhoods are nearly all residential and depending on your tastes, that can be a pro or a con! You’ll have to drive to get anywhere and there are a lot of loops and turns in the neighborhoods. But there are plenty of restaurants and grocery shopping to pick from. Surprisingly, this area has the most expensive price per square footage for residential homes.