View of the Columbia River from SE Beach Dr.

Evergreen Highway, Washington

The Evergreen Belt includes everything between I-5 and I-205 and South of Mill Plain. The South Cliff and Dubois Park are one of the more desired neighborhoods in Vancouver and the price reflects that! The homes in this area were established between the 50s and 70s and the owners tend to be older retired people. The area has access to a lot of parks and wooded area which give many homes a rural feel.

Neighborhood Gems

cloudy day at Wintler Park

Marine Park is a slightly hidden gem with a trail that connects to Wintler Community Park. The views here are stunning. You can go to the Columbia River and play on the beach while having a picnic. Along the trail is one of Vancouver’s favorite upscale restaurants, The Cove.

Fort Vancouver tower

Fort Vancouver is part of the National Park Program, one of the few sites in an urban setting! You can visit this historic site and watch live blacksmithing and cooking reenactments from the 1800s. Or enjoy the outdoor garden and trails.

How Much Does this Neighborhood Cost?

Average Price of

Single Residence Homes


Median Price of

Single Residence Homes


Average Price

Per Square Foot



Days On Market

19 Days

Data was pulled from RMLS to include only single residence homes and exclude outliers. Last updated on 5/15/2022.

Pros & Cons

This area is awesome. It has views, nature, and rural intimacy while having easy access to the rest of the city. But the area is sandwiched by Highway 14 and Mill Plain so it can get noisy. You can expect extra traffic on the roads that connect to the highway. And if you live south of the highway, expect to take the long way around to get to the other side because there aren’t a lot of places to cross the highway.