About Jan Fogg

Jan Fogg, realtor in Vancouver Washington

Helping others has always been a core value to me for as long as I can remember. I volunteered at the library and helped tutor younger kids as a child. As soon as I could legally work, I went into customer service and hospitality and fell in love with bringing people joy and happiness and it made sense to me that my path would kick start my real estate career in 2021.

I knew that I wanted to sell more than houses. I wanted to sell homes. A place to nest and feel safe. A community where you feel like you belong. And I wanted my clients to love the transaction as much as they love their new homes. There are so many stress points in a transaction and it’s so easy to get overwhelmed (especially if you’re a first-time buyer). My goal is to ease your fears and guide you through the process by breaking things down and making it easy for you to understand and surrounding you with the best team who will do the same.

I am a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and I am subjected to a higher standard of ethics and practices than non-NAR agents. Our code is to treat all parties honestly and to follow the best practices to elevate the real estate experience. My personal ethics is to treat everyone equally and with respect. When you make a major purchase with a partner, sometimes it can feel like you or your partner are being ignored because the salesperson holds an antiquated belief that one partner holds all the purchasing power or because of some discriminatory reasons. That will not be your experience with me and my team. Unless you prefer otherwise, you’ll both get the same information, at the same time, and you’ll never feel out of the loop in your purchase.

I moved here from Long Beach, CA in 2017 with my husband when we came to visit family and fell in love with the city. We felt out of place in California where everything was fast-paced and everyone cared too much about your job and income. We found that we vibe well with Vancouver. We loved the nature, craft beers, the easy-going pace, and the people that want to know about your hobbies before your jobs. We found pockets of friends in the board game community. My husband found a tribe in the maker community. We started playing Dungeons & Dragons with the people we met. I’m the brand ambassador for Around the Couve where we highlight the best people and things in Vancouver.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you find a new home!

– Jan Fogg

Jan was wonderful to work with throughout the purchasing process. She gave great service, was responsive and very helpful with all my questions and concerns. Made the process of buying a home easy.

Meet My Support Team

I only work with the best people who share the same beliefs and ethics as me. 

These two goodest girl and boy are my direct support. To see the list of my trusted vendors, go to this page!


Half cat, half dog. An old spunky girl with too many opinions on proper doggy conduct. If she was human, she would be a librarian shushing you. Unfortunately, she passed in 2022 but she is still with us in spirit.


60lbs lap dog. Permanent puppy dog eyes. Has the softest fur behind his ears. He doesn't understand why his humans would rather sit in front on a small light box all day instead of playing with him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about me?

I put you first and I mean it. I will never push you to buy the more expensive house. Your best interest is the top priority, even at the expense of my commission.

Piper is a 16 year old pointer-mix. She was being chased by a cayote when my husband’s grandma found her. Kirby is a 2 year old Pitbull/Lab mix. He was found by My Way Home Rescue in the woods in Sandy, OR. 

Of course! Contact me to find out what my marketing plan for your home looks like. 

I’m an adventurous eater! I order something different when I go back to a restaurant, and I’ll try anything once. But I don’t like pickles.

I started in April 2021. But while I haven’t been around for that long, I make up for it by bringing in a fresh perspective and I start off with updated knowledge. I’m also backed by the best company and mentors (who have been in business for longer than I’ve been alive) and their knowledge is my knowledge.

My current favorite is Betrayal on the House on the Hill. Nothing like seeing the despair in your friends’ eyes as you slowly pick them off one by one!

Get pre-approved for your loan! We would be working with our hands tied behind our backs without it. From there, we’ll set a budget and house criteria and we’re off to the races!

I play a ranger gnome with a companion sheep named Dave. I also GM a campaign for a different group of friends.

Find out here! Of course, I have more people than what’s listed and if you don’t see the service you need, let me know and I will ask my network for a person.

I LOVE Vault 31 and their nerdy drinks and video games. I hang out in Downtown Vancouver whenever there’s a farmer’s market going on.